April 7, 2012

DIY: Peep Topiary

I've been busy making peep trees! No, this is not a joke. More officially, I suppose they are called peep topiarys. I found my inspiration at The Hungry Mouse where she made the CUTEST centerpiece from peeps. Check it out to see all the how-to details. Below is some of what I changed or added.

Although on my first tree I used 3 blue peeps for the center, on my 2nd tree I learned that 4 might actually be better. By the time I was finished, I needed about 8 boxes of peeps. I also used a 6inch ball instead of 7, simply because I couldn't find a 7inch at Michaels Craft Store.

I also painted the dowel/stake green and pulled faux leaves from a flower I had on hand, and painted them with the same color. I hot glued them onto the stake. I also added plastic wrap between the Styrofoam in the pot and the jelly beans so the beans are projected and still edible. I also waited until the last minute to add the jelly beans, so they were yummy to eat.

I gave my topiarys as spring gifts. They were a huge hit!

Happy Easter!