January 7, 2012

Yellow Lace Lantern

It's the most beautiful day- 67 degrees! It's like September in January, totally amazing! And I'm inside blogging :) But I couldn't wait, I just had to share a lace lantern I've just finished! I originally got the idea from here, but couldn't find doilies to SAVE MY LIFE! So when i found yellow lace (after 5,000 stores- almost) I thought it would be perfect for a trial run if nothing else. Now it's finished and I love it! Not sure if it will stay yellow though? Thoughts?

So here's what you'll need:
Lace/ doilies, newspaper or wax paper, fabric stiffener, shallow bowl, scissors, a balloon (24''+)

A couple things: I found the lace at a thrift store, the fabric stiffener at Michael's Crafts (use a coupon!), and balloon from Party City. Unfortunately you have to buy a pack of 10 balloons, about $9.99 so it's bit of a splurge. If you're making more than one, like I am, then it may be worth it. Otherwise, maybe you can use a smaller size balloon?

Also, the brush is pointless. It's SO much easier to use your hands, so just know- it's going to get messy!

So.. blow up your balloon and tie it up (to the chandelier if you're extra classy like me). Put newspaper underneath- it will drip like crazy! So here's your setup..

Pour some fabric stiffener into the bowl. Cut your lace into square like pieces. They don't need to match or be perfect or the same size. I think it actually looks better when they vary (because when it overlaps in different places on the lantern, it gives a really cool effect)

Dip one piece of lace in the glue at a time, totally soak it in the glue, and stretch it out onto the balloon. Start at the top where the balloon is tied up, and leave space (which will serve as the hole where the light bulb goes through).

Continue adding pieces of soaked lace, overlapping them slightly, ensuring they all connect.

This is when I thought the brush was a good idea.. nope.

What it looks like when part is dry and part is wet..

Once it's all on there, add some extra stiffener in places it seems needed. Then let it dry overnight. Once dry, pop the balloon, and carefully detach the shrinking balloon  from the lace sides. It's less fragile than it seems, but don't get crazy!

Once the balloon is removed, it will look similar to this:

And once it's lit up, there she is!

Stay tuned for the doily version! let me know if you have any questions about the process, and pin it to your pinterest board if you love it!


  1. I may try this idea, I did the twine lantern using glue, it looked great the day it dried, but everyday it "deflated" more and more and reminded me of saggy boobs hanging from my ceiling :/ Not pretty. I'm a new follower by the way, hope you follow me too!

  2. Libby, thanks for following!

    I think the trick to making it keep it's shape might be the fabric stiffener instead of a glue/water mixture. I also learned afterward that if you lay it down for too long (like a day), it may dent. Most dents can be popped out, but if it sits long enough, it will likely stay that way.