January 28, 2012

Mason Jar Inspiration

Growing up mason jars were used to bottle up and save the best parts of the year- Vegetable and Brunswick stew mom made during the winter months, green beans and other garden vegetables Grandma & Grandpa Otwell picked from their garden in the summer, and jams and jellys made from peaches when mom and Susan accidentally bought far too many for their simple afternoon project. When I went to college away from home, mom sent cases of jarred soup to me, and it was like having a piece of home and her instantly in my hands.

All this might explain why I have an insane love for mason jars in all their forms, both when used for foods, and for decoration. They're simple vet versatile and I just can't get enough!

Here are some of my very favorite uses for mason jars, hope they are lovely and inspiring to you also..

(These are not my personal images, I simply found them online and fell in love)
Outdoor lighting might be my favorite use for them (couldn't save it for last)--
it's so romantic and southern feeling.
Adds a touch of awesome! Gives a light and breezy feel to the room.
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On the flip side, this DIY light fixture is very rustic.
 If I get super ambitious, I might try this, thanks to the tutorial at Home To Heather.

Subtle lighting and detail for a great patio
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Love the punched top on these creative drinks. Perfect for summertime events!

Another drink idea that's just precious!
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A girl's two of three favorite things.. flowers & dessert (diamonds not pictured ;) )
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Maybe I'll try some of these projects coming up! Have a great weekend! xoxo!

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