February 13, 2012

Housewarming Gift Basket

Whenever anyone moves, there's always a question as to the best gift to give. Recently I made a gift basket for a good friend moving into her first apartment. It came out really cute, it's a great mix of stuff, and it's really practical too.

I wanted to incorporate both pieces she could use for entertaining and useful kitchen accessories that I've come to love, and thought she would too.

Here's what the basket contained:

Most treasures found at World Market (LOVE that place!). Also hand soap from Bath & Body Works, plastic wrap and foil from Harris Teeter. 

And bows.. duh.

Consider this..
If you want to spend less money, start with a smaller basket- then there's less space to fill. Or try replacing expensive items with less expensive items like candy, snacks, or travel size lotions and soaps, etc. After all, it's the thought that counts!

What kind of gift basket would you like to receive? Or what treasures would you want to find in a gift basket made for you?

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