February 21, 2012

Spring Wreaths in February

Okay, okay, so it's possible I'm getting ahead of myself with this whole "spring is coming" thing.. but seriously, I'm tired of the cold, and we've only gotten one snow delay once this entire winter.

And in the words of Lauryn Hill, "after winter must come spring".. in my mind (my super planner, Type A mind) I'm totally justified in getting ready early.

I may also be over eager since I made something like 4 winter wreaths (Check them out here and here)..none of which for me, so my door had an autumn leaf wreath on it from October until a few weeks ago.

The two wreaths below are very similar, yet customized for exactly what you like.

I love the idea of putting your house number on your wreath, it's so cute and practical. the flowers are both hot glued and wired in. I pulled the leaves off the flower stems and hot glued them separately.

Ribbon wrapped house numbers- as easy as it sounds. All you need are the simple wooden letters from your local craft store (I think these were $2.99 each at Hobby Lobby?) Start on one end and hot glue your ribbon to the back. wrap several times, then glue again. Keep going until you've wrapped the entire thing. Hot glue the end.

Here's a closer look:

Since I don't have a house number, only a letter, I didn't want to go that route for my own wreath. Instead I got the long vine-like stems (also from Hobby Lobby) and inserted them in to the wreath, starting each at a different point.I pulled leaves off the flower stems and added them to make it look more full.

Consider this:

Why wood wreath forms are great-
1. they're generally cheaper than Styrofoam wreath forms ($4.99 compared to $12ish)
2. It's easier to make your stems stay put!
3. It gives a more natural looking final product

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