November 20, 2011

Christmas Bulb Wreath!

There's nothing better during the holidays than a good wreath!

I originally set out to create a holiday bulb wreath that would be silver, white, and blue... but when I couldn't find the colors I wanted, sizes I needed, or they were too expensive for a trial project, I defaulted to traditional Christmas colors with a twist- textured, solids, patterned, etc. (finally found bulbs at The Christmas Tree Shop.. imagine that)

Here's what you'll need:
wreath form (you can make your own, see below!)
Hot glue (of course!)
Shatterproof Christmas Bulbs in 3 sizes

(I quickly decided against using yellow ribbon, and opted for green and red instead)

First things first-- Hot glue one end of your ribbon to the wreath form and begin wrapping around, covering the form entirely. Glue the ribbon down in several places. This will serve as your "canvas" and will be mostly covered so don't worry if it's not perfect. You can use two different colors if needed, but keep in mind it will show through in some places.
(Save yourself money by using ribbon that is wireless)

 See! Far from perfect, doesn't matter!

Now- pull all the hangers out of the bulbs


Start with your largest size bulbs and glue them on the wreath form so that they're spaced evenly. Then begin gluing the "medium" size bulbs onto the form. Be sure to alternate colors, patterns, etc. as you go around. You'll complete the wreath by adding the smallest size (I actually cut apart Christmas bulb-shaped garland for these pieces because I couldn't find small enough bulbs.) If you need some visuals, check out this blog!

Once you get gluing it will look something like this. (Sometimes you can see the dried hot glue on some bulbs, but don't worry-- when it's hanging, no one will ever know!) And depending on the bulbs you choose, there may be glitter EVERYWHERE by the time you're finished!

It turned out pretty good! Notice the two holes at the bottom? Yep, I ran out of bulbs- ONLY TWO SHORT! how annoying! But never fear, I'm adding a BOW! (image that!?) Stay tuned to see the finale when I find the very perfect Red/Gold ribbon!

A few tips for creating/hanging wreaths:

To create your own wreath form, you can buy a swim noodle and cut it to the size you want, curve it into a circle and secure it with duck tape. Easy breezy!

To hang a wreath, you can stick a 3M hook upside down on the back of your door and attach a ribbon to it, taking it up and over the door. See HERE for a picture and some other great ideas!

I've found some great ribbon!!! Thank you Black Friday sale at Michael's Craft Store. Here's what I decided on:

There she is! ALL FINISHED!  

Specific questions about this project? Let me know!

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