November 5, 2011

Where There's a Will, There's a Way.. and a Bow

I wanted to share a couple wrap jobs I've done lately,
maybe they'll provide you some inspiration!

A thank you gift- Lime green wrapping paper with a double ribbon- sheer navy with
 jewel tone paisley

Baby Shower Gift- bottle cleaner, bottles, pacifiers,
travel goodies, washcloths- all in a baby bin

Bridal Shower Gift- inspired by the apron I found! Cutting board, champagne and champagne glasses, kitchen towels, candles, and card all in great basket she can re-use! When putting the basket together, I didn't care for how the cutting board and box of glasses looked-- so I wrapped them in coordinating giftwrap.

My first diaper cake and since then it's my favorite baby gift to give!
 Green and Blue polka dot diapers (Target),
 2 Bottles to build the diapers around,
lots of ribbon, and pacifers, and washcloths to add little treasures.
A great resource for this:  How to Create a Diaper Cake.

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