November 28, 2011

DIY Winter Wine Bottles

There's no sense in throwing away your empty wine bottles this fall if you can make fun decorations with them!

Here's what you'll need:
Empty wine bottles, white spray paint, tree branches from the yard, silver branches,
glitter spray, adhesive spray, rock salt

Start by collecting several wine bottles. Soak the labels off in the sink or bathtub.
Put down some newspaper and prepare to spray paint!

Coat the bottle evenly with white spray paint, careful not to cause dipping. Let dry.

Here are the four bottles I painted. Notice there are two taller, and two shorter-- I did that on purpose :) Apply a second coat if needed!

On separate newspaper, lay your branches down and spray them with glitter spray. Let dry, turn over and coat opposite side. You could also dust them with the white paint to make them appear "snowy"- it's totally up to you!

Once your bottles are dry, spray the lower portion of each with adhesive spray. Then sprinkle with rock salt to create an iced look. To finish, lightly spray glitter spray over the entire bottle.

Yep, took this straight out of the kitchen!

So easy, but so cool!

When your branches are dry (doesn't take long at all), combine them and the silver branches
 to fill each bottle

A pair on your mantle/hall table/some kind of black surface looks pretty sharp! Feel free to add a bow!

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