November 23, 2011

All That Glitters..

On this Thanksgiving eve, I want to share with you some DIY decorated champagne glasses that are sure to make your holiday season a little brighter-- and a little more GLITTERY! Because this project is super easy and inexpensive, you can make them for holiday parties, bachelorette parties, special events, birthdays, etc. AND- depending on the paint brush you use, you can even personalize them with a monogram or design.


So.. here's what you'll need:

Champagne Glasses (set of 4 at Walmart, $5), Glitter (about $3 at Michaels Craft Store), Craft Glue,
Foam Paint Brush (Less than $1), painter's tape (optional)

(I thought it was a excellent sign that the brand name was Libbey)

Squeeze some glue into a bowl, and add just a little water. Stir it up with a spoon or your finger. The consistency should be barely watery. (A little bit goes a long way)..and by the way, this is Modge Podge so don't buy it it in the store- glue and water are just as good.

One design (for those who like/are good at creating straight lines) add painter's tape to the
 top of the wine glass. Like so:

Lightly dip your foam brush in the glue (don't get crazy, you don't need a lot), and while holding the glass with one hand, paint up the side with glue. you can make a pattern or paint the whole thing, just don't paint the stem (people will need something to hold on to)

Add glitter!

(I used gold glitter until I got towards the top and then I added red and blue)

Wait until it dries and remove the tape. Shake off the extra glitter. Waah Laa!

On the next one, I wanted less of a straight line and more of a faded-type look.

Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll!

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  1. Is your apartment just beautiful? Everywhere? That's how I'm picturing it! Love these little diys.