November 4, 2011

Homemade Halloween

For years I've been creating my own Halloween costumes (flash back to come) but in the last two years I've gotten pretty serious about it. Maybe because I enjoy the challenge or maybe because I'm competitive to a fault.. either way, they've turned out pretty well!

First let me say, I got my owl inspiration from this blog I found: JennRocket. Her idea is great!

 I used felt instead of mixing up the fabrics, mostly because I don't sew very well and also because it's cheaper! I cut LOTS of felt pieces using a basic "feather" shape template I created. I hot glued (with lots of help from friends) the pieces onto a cotton shirt dress I already had. If you don't have a shirt to use, a pillowcase works too!

I used a sports hairband and hotglued more felt to it to create the headpiece.
 (Make sure to account for how the hairband will stretch when it's on your head)

Now- I'm sure you're wondering how an owl wins a halloween costume..

And.. I had to call for back up! And sure enough, we won!

As for that flashback I promised.. here's a snap shot from Halloween 2010- Homemade Flamingo

I had a beak and a burned nose too.. but I'll leave that to your imagination!

The skirt is about 5 pink feather boas, hot glued to pink soffe shorts. The top is a pink $8 Target tank tucked in, with part of a remaining boa hotglued (image that..) to the top. I ripped a couple feathers out to glue on some hair pins, and had pink leggings from a college 80's party.

I promise to get better at How-To explinations, so bare with me. Until then, comment with your questions and I'll try to answer them the best I can! <3

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