December 4, 2011

DIY No-Sew Pacifier Clips

At an age when I feel like everyone I know is either getting married or having a baby, I try to get creative with gift giving. Here's a sure fire craft project that will give your baby gift a personal touch!

DIY No-Sew Pacificer Clips

What you'll need:
Ribbon (1 inch wide), Zelcro roll (self-stick back if desired, 1 inch thick), Hot glue,
 Suspender/Pacifier/Mitten clips, Scissors

Trim your ribbon to the desired length. Keep in mind you'll be folding it over.

Turn your ribbon over, and fold the end under. Hot glue it down. Do this to both sides.

Cut a small square of velcro, peel back the adhesive paper, and add hot glue. Apply one part of the velcro to the ribbon, slightly overlapping the end you tucked/glued.

This is your "pacifier side". Add the matching piece of velcro farther down on the ribbon, allowing enough distance that you could string the ribbon through the pacifier and still velcro it closed. (these instructions are confusing so see pictures below for help!)

Here's a side view to help you judge how much space to leave between velcro pieces.

You'll do these same steps to attach velcro on the opposite end of the ribbon. Since this is your metal clip side, you won't need to space the two pieces of velcro apart as much.

pacifier Clip

Add your clip.


Here's a basket I created for Baby Maddox, and incorporated the clips!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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