December 26, 2011

Winter Berry Initial Wreath

Happy Holidays!
I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing Christmas!

When getting in the spirit for Christmas, I found a great winter wreath idea here, and was dying to make it. Ccoincidentally, my boyfriend's last name begins with a "D" so I thought it would be the perfect gift for his mom. I went ALL OVER the place looking for a flat black letter "D", but had no luck. Some weren't big enough, some weren't flat, some were the wrong color- I just knew I wasn't going to find it. Eventually I settled for a gold 3-D letter I found at Hobby Lobby, 12" (if I remember correctly).

So here's what you'll need:
12" letter
 5-6 berry branches (floral/holiday section at most craft stores)
 hot glue (of course)
burlap or ribbon
wire for hanging

First, cut the berries off each branch. I had some left over at the end, so I wouldn't recommend cutting the berries off all five or six stems at the beginning.

If your letter is 3-D like mine, start gluing the bunches onto one side first. When finished with one edge, start on the next.

Just keep adding.. just keep adding..

and add a little more...

Then add a BOW!
(and create a wire ring for it to hang from, and add little adhesive protective circles to the back so it doesn't bang against the door)

(Note: wire circle for hanging runs through the back of the bow)

If I did this project again, I would: buy a longer piece of burlap ribbon, and MAYBE not get the burlap with the red trim, but instead maybe plain.

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