December 7, 2011

Holiday Floral Arrangement

When it comes to floral arrangements, I pass the baton to Red Leopard Ltd.! It's definitely a practice makes perfect kind of craft, and I'm not sure I'll ever get the hang of it. Lucky for me, I know two ladies who are quite amazing at it (along with plenty of other decorating, home renovation, DIY, design projects)!

So during this project, I took notes and took plenty of pictures.
This isn't quite a step-by-step but maybe it will help guide you.

What you'll need:
vase - stems and flowers- floral tape - moss- floral foam

Choose a vase you really like. If you decide on a glass or other transparent one,
you'll need the moss to cover the floral foam. the floral foam requires some cutting, molding, shaving, and smushing to make it fit snug within the vase. (and it's messy!)

A view from the top. The floral foam with the moss surrounding it. From the outside, it gives the appearance that it's only moss.

When choosing stems, choose some that are: tall, full, flexible,
some that vary in texture from one another, etc. Buy stems in odd numbers!

Start with your focal point (usual 2 stems). Hold the stems side by side and adjust the height to what you like. Use the floral tape to secure the stems together, keeping the height the same. Press into your floral foam. Below they used the long wild gold branches with the red berries as our focal point.

If your arrangement isn't going on a round table, establish a front and back so you can focus on what people will see. Start adding addition stems to give a full effect. Twist and bend stems as you like them. Cut the bottoms to trim the length.

For instance, this holly stem was purchased as a straight piece, but after a little muscle from Trish, Waa Laa- Curved (so it can be pressed into the floral foam and hang over the edge of the vase!)

Keep in mind your flowers don't have to be at the highest point.
And in general, not every stem should be the same height.

Almost there..once all your stems are in place, add extra moss to the top of the vase.

Perfectly Beautiful Holiday Centerpiece!
(and you can have the satisfaction that you did it yourself!!!)

Thanks to Red Leopard Ltd. for sharing their expertise!

Stay tuned for more projects and arrangements from the ladies at Red Leopard!

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