March 10, 2012

Date Night Dinner: Shrimp & Grits with Sausage

There's nothing like having a plan.. After all, there's nothing I love more than a plan. But there's also nothing worse than when you have a plan and then it fails.. miserably, all week. Well, almost all week. To break it down, here was my plan: make delicious dinners several nights this week, and blog about the success, and share the recipes. After a slow cooker beef stroganoff recipe disaster (cheap beef jerky flavor, anyone?), and a "entree turned side dish and now we have nothing to eat tonight".. I was left with nothing to post.

THEN in all my disappointment, I turned to a great food blog, Seasoned To Taste, and found this treasure! An absolute masterpiece of a dinner, perfect for date night! My only challenge remaining: don't ruin the grits! (I've attempted another version of shrimp and grits, only with bacon instead of sausage, and it wasn't a success to say the least. Bryce will gladly try most of my recipe attempts, but that particular night was a struggle)

This is gorgeous and so fresh. I'm in love. I chopped the veggies the night before, and sealed them up until time to cook.

We also had the most awesome salad.
(Mostly to make up for the gazillion calories we were about to consume)

Run over to Seasoned To Taste and get this recipe! You'll be so glad you did! I doubled the recipe to accommodate for the number of friends we had over.

 Lastly, I have a confession: I did not ruin the grits, because I did not make the grits. My lovely friend Amanda did. I couldn't take the chance on ruining dinner for 6 other people.. (We used instant grits though and they work great.)

We had homemade Rice Krispy Treats for dessert! Stay tuned for the recipe!

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