March 21, 2012

DIY Pier1 Sequin Sunflower Napkin Rings

While out shopping recently, I found some precious summery napkin rings at Pier1, seen here. But instead of wanting to buy them, I was inspired to make my own. Instead of brown sequins, I opted for black, and used gold glitter.

The flowers are cut from individual stems I found at Hobby Lobby. I made the ring of a twisted pipe cleaner, wrapped with black felt and secured to the flower with hot glue.

Perfect for a spring or summer cookout. Your guests will love them! 

If you're interested in purchasing 4 (or more if needed), please leave me a comment!
Keep in mind that these can be made with other flowers of your choice and
you can use any color glitter or sequin!


  1. This is such a cute flower pot. I love how you can use the colors for your favorite team or a special occasion!

  2. Beautiful for.spring!