March 15, 2012

Up-Cycled Bulletin Board

Happy Thursday, FRIDAY EVE!

So you may have seen here when I covered a bulletin board with fabric. It went awesome so when I received a bunch of others, I just had to cover them too! A slightly different twist though, this is a bulletin board that is half bulletin, half dry erase. But what do you do when someone writes on it with permanent marker? One of two things: write over each letter of permanent marker with a dry erase marker and then wipe it down OR turn it into a chalkboard!

Here's the before pic, all taped up and ready to paint! Kind of rough looking!

Use chalkboard primer first, two coats is best.

Here's what I used, and loved!

Once it's painted and dried, remove the tape. I made several mistakes, accidentally getting paint on some of the wood trim. Never fear, we'll just paint it!

Obviously it doesn't matter how much paint gets on the bulletin board.

Add the fabric (I only needed 1/2 a yard) using hot glue. It may need a few staples from a staple gun to remain secured. Be sure to pull it tight.

There it is! Much cuter!

Now that they have colored chalkboard paint options, imagine how cute this could be in pastels with a children's fabric?!

I'd love to see pictures if you create your own!


  1. where are you finding these great fabrics? i think maybe i don't see their hidden potential when i shop for fabrics

    1. Always finding them at Joann but I also have that problem too! I just try to buy only what I love (even if it's not a perfect match) or take someone with me to reassure me it's a good idea!

  2. Absolutely love this fabric! Great idea.